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Tile Roofs

Tile roofs have been a choice for high-end projects for many decades.  Tile roofs are used all over Europe and have been for centuries.  We typically use concrete tile from Bartile which is a local manufacturer in Centerville, UT.

Ceramic tile are also available although the price is substantially higher than concrete tile. All of the Bartile systems have a 75 year material warranty.  In addition, WeatherGuard Roofing, LLC offers a 10 year labor warranty on all of our tile projects.

Slate Tile
Slate Tile
Western Shake Tile
Western Shake Tile
Sierra Mission Tile
Sierra Mission Tile

 Styles of Tile

Slate This is a replica of a traditional slate roof. Slat roofs are some of the oldest roofs in the world and can be find on cathedrals, government buildings, castels, estates, etc. The tile is thicker than most authentic slate roofs but the size and shape of the tile is consistent as well as the smooth finish.

Shake This is a replica of a traditional cedar shake roof. The tile has a natural wood grain look to it in addition to being extra thick providing extra depth to  the roof.

Sierra Mission – This is the most traditional of all tile roofs and can be seen all over Mexico and Latin America as well as parts of Europe. The half round shape of the sierra mission tile is accented by traditional colors and custom colors are available as well.

Options (at an additional charge)

Rusticut – This is a rough hand cut type edge on the bottom side of the tile. It can be added to any of the styles listed above. This is most commonly applied to the slate and shake style.

• Cottage – With this option the tile position is varied from high to low instead of a constant straight line method. This option can be added to any of the styles listed above but is most commonly applied to the shake style.

• Blends – Multiple pre-determined blends of colors are available from the manufacturer. In addition you can create your own blend of colors if so desired. This option can be added to any of the styles but is most common with the sierra mission style.