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Other Systems

In addition to the multiple roof systems discussed already, WeatherGuard Roofing, LLC also installs various other systems that, although beautiful and durable, are not as common.

Some of these systems are: authentic or synthetic cedar shakes and shingles, authentic and synthetic slate, aluminum facia/soffit, aluminum gutters, and siding of all types.

Other Systems

• Cedar Shakes – This a very traditional roof and was the main roofing system used in the early decades of the USA. Currently cedar shakes are available in both medium and heavy thicknesses.  All shakes are hand cut and therefore have a very rustic, non-uniform appearance which is part of their beauty.  All wood products require ongoing maintenance to have the best service life.

• Cedar shingles – This roof system is very similar to cedar shakes.  However, cedar shingles are thinner (usually about .5” thick) and are machine cut so they have a more uniform appearance.  In addition, cedar shingles are smaller and have approximately 5” per course whereas cedar shakes     have around 10” per course.

• Synthetic shakes or slate – All synthetic materials have the benefit of no maintenance.  In the case of synthetic shakes/shingles  the roof will last longer than the traditional wood counterparts but the cost is approximately 50-75% higher.  Synthetic slate roofs on the other hand will cost slightly less than an authentic slate roof.

• Authentic Slate – Used in Europe for centuries, this type of roof is one of the most tested and proven in the world.  Slate is made by hand cutting stone into long pieces, typically 1/2” thick and 6”-12” wide.  A genuine slate roof will last much longer than a synthetic slate; many slate roofs have lasted for centuries with only minor repair work needed.

• Aluminum facia/soffit and gutters – Most new homes in Utah use aluminum facia/soffi and gutters.  WeatherGuard Roofing, LLC, in most cases, will use a sub-contractor to complete the work.  The benefit to you as a home-owner is that you only deal with one company.  In addition, we receive discounts from our sub-contractors so your overall price will be the same or less than if you hired the company directly.  You would also have the same 5 year workmanship warranty.

• Siding – Thee are multiple types of siding currently on the market; the most common types are vinyl, wood, and cement fiber (Hardiplank).  Each type has its pros and cons as well as differences in appearance.